Beaumont Property Managment

| Serving Monterey, CA
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Property Management Services

  • Establish your account database, which will allow us to do the following:
    • Verify legal ownership.
    • Confirm insurance carrier and coverage.
    • Manage receipts and disbursements.
    • Prioritize repairs and maintenance.
  • Coordinate and Supervise Repair and Maintenance projects if desired.
  • Develop a marketing plan for your property including, for example:
    • Confirming square footage.
    • Taking photographs.
    • Developing the description of your property.
    • Posting signage.
    • Posting to marketing websites and newspapers.
  • Execute the marketing plan and show property to prospective residents.
  • Provide, accept and process applications.
  • Negotiate, explain and execute our rental contract and supporting documentation with selected applicant.
  • Place new resident in possession and verify assumption of utilities.
  • Finalize Move-In Inspection Report.
  • (Note: the time spent by our firm to turn a property over from one resident to another is 35 hours +/- 15 hours)
  • Provide a copy of executed contract to the owner.
  • Receive and deposit funds to Broker-Client Trust Account.
  • Disburse funds in accordance with the property management contract.
  • Provide monthly owner statements and other reports as needed.
  • Provide End of Year Statements formatted to the specific line items of your Federal Schedule E, Form 1040.
  • Trouble-shoot and coordinate routine repairs and maintenance.
  • Select Vendors to perform repair and maintenance as you desire, or from our list of preferred vendors.
  • Account for Resident Security Deposits and provide statement of disposition of Security Deposits upon vacancy.