Beaumont Property Managment

| Serving Monterey, CA
(831) 643-2328

Submit a Maintenance Request

All residents receive information at contract signing which provides the basic guidelines for identifying and handling repairs and maintenance. Most of our residents opt for a discounted rent in exchange for assuming responsibility for minor repair and maintenance costs as they may occur. This information includes:

  • Utility and Services contact numbers.
  • Emergency & Routine Repair and Maintenance Guidelines with our list of preferred Vendors. We expect a call if it's not a true emergency or after residents have called the first responders for a true emergency.
  • Information on the importance of having renter's Insurance.
We expect your anytime to report concerns for owner consideration. We will prioritize projects in the following order:
  1. Health and Safety.
  2. Capital Preservation.
  3. Esthetics.
  4. All Other.


Please describe in detail the nature of the repair. Also note whether there is an alarm or animal on the premises.